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User Feedback

We collected some E-Mails from the positive Feedback we got. Again thank you for your nice words!

  • QuickEditor: Great program! Short, simple and to the point. Does what it should quickly and easily. I like it--great job.
  • hi i love your programs and i have a suggestoin. i own an FTP site and how about a program that checks for possible mp3 duplicates? that'd be very useful in saving space and stuff.
  • Your MP3 splitter is the only program I have found to do this that provides good functionality and is easy to use - congratulations!
  • I am looking for split mp3 program for very long time. I have about 80 tapes(90min)-->mp3 to split.Cause the contents of mp3 is bilingual(chinese & tibetan) so I have to cut it one after one by selection time. Without mp3 splitter I have to turn this mp3 into wav file then edit it. but you know 90min wav=1GB size.And then remp3 these split wav files. It spend too much resource,I have to buy a big Hard disk, upgrade my CPU and spent more and more time beside computer to do the repeating job.So thanks for creating such a good stuff.
  • I've just dowloaded MP3Lister v.4 and found it very usefull, really. Thanks forthis great piece of software.
  • Ich habe mir vor kurzem ihr Tool "Mp3-Lister" heruntergeladen und bin voll zufrieden damit.
  • i searched for days to find a program that did this! you are an absolute genious.
  • just a thanks for the cool ware why are the best progies small and to the point? thanks again, DON
  • I had a small glitch in one of my MP3's. This program fixed it in seconds. Thanks a lot.
  • I'm just writing to tell you how great all your programs are and how delighted I am that I found your site. The MP3 programs are especially good. Thanks for making all my tasks easier!
  • Hello! I just downloaded your MP3 Splitter. It is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks! Thanks and have a wonderful day! :)
  • Hello, I'm here just to say that MP3 LISTER of yours is simply the BEST lister for mp3 I've found till today. Thank you so much to have created it!!
  • The MP3 splitter is a great tool. The GUI looks nice too but spliting a large file doesn't work well. I have problems working with segments above the first hour.
  • Just wanted to let you know your program is wonderful....I had been looking for something just like it and you answered my prayers!!! I love it and have recommended.
  • I recently downloaded MP3 Splitter. In a word: EXCELLENT!! I am in the process of converting my LPs to MP3s and this utility really saved the day. I also have several suggestions for changes (as I'm sure most people do). These are not complaints by any means - you have a great program!!! Many thanks


Although we did not promote our tools very strong until now, there were some ratings and awards. Most of the ratings below apply to the "1.0-Versions". Note that this section currently reflects the status as of 05/2000 (!).

MP3 Renamer

  • v1.0 - rated 5/5 stars on
  • v1.0 - rated 5/6 stars on (now
  • v1.0 - rated 3/5 stars on

MP3 Splitter

  • v2.0 - scored 5/5 stars at ZDnet
  • v1.21 - rated GOOD on (read review)
  • v1.21 - rated 7/10 on
  • v1.21 - rated 3,5/5 stars on
  • v1.20 - rated 4/5 stars on

MP3 Lister

  • v4.0 - rated as "Pick" at
  • v4.0 - scored 4/5 stars at ZDnet
  • v3.1 - rated 3,5/5 stars on
  • v1.0 - rated 3/5 stars on

MP3 Checker

  • v1.0 - rated 2,5/5 stars on


  • v4.0 - scored 4/5 stars at ZDnet
  • v3.1 - rated 4/5 stars on
  • v1.0 - rated 3/5 stars on

If you think something is missing here, please tell us! Some ratings from russian and asian sites could not be listed due to language reasons. We would be pleased if someone could translate a bit.


We would like for permitting us publishing their review texts. Please visit

MP3 Lister

"MP3 Lister is a utility that can generate attractive reports of your .mp3 files. It has a few interface quirks but is free and has lots of options. The output format can be HTML, plain text, Excel/CSV, or even custom separated. Launch the program, set options, and press the "Create List" button. All of the files in your desired folder and its subfolders are scanned. Info is automatically extracted from the files and arranged into columns that include song name, artist, time, file size, kbps, mode, album, and file path. A multitude of other data can be added as well. If desired, you can launch MP3 Lister from the shell context menu of a folder. There's a bit of German in the interface, but not in critical places; if you know "Ja" means "Yes" and "Nein" means "No," you shouldn't have any problems."

Review Information ---------------------------- Rating : ****

Program Pros

  • Free
  • Fairly clean interface
  • Attractive output
  • Lots of options

Program Cons

  • Some German in the interface
  • "create List" should be "Create List" *
  • Should leave out the .wav extension by default *
  • Would look better if first letter of all button text and text next to check boxes started with an uppercase letter *

Note: *=fixed in v4.1

MP3 Splitter

"MP3 Splitter is a free utility that does exactly what its name suggests. It's a snap to use and produces split pieces that are actually viable MP3 files themselves. Browse for the MP3 file you want to slice up, and select the criteria for the operation. You can split by time or size, or enter starting and ending times to create a specific selection. You can even play your MP3 files from within the program interface. Other features include shell-extension support, self-joining split pieces, and MP3 ID tag preservation."

Review Information ---------------------------- Rating : *****

Program Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Pieces are viable MP3 files
  • Self-joining support
  • Shell extension Program


  • None


QuickEditor is a free, simple-to-use ID3 tag editor. It supports the ID3 tag 1.1 standard and allows for multiple file tagging. Using the fairly clean interface, just choose the folder that contains .mp3 files, and they're all listed. Scroll through them to display their ID3 tags and easily make modifications. If you wish, QuickEditor can be made quickly accessible from the shell context menu of .mp3 files. You can also launch .mp3 files using your default player.

Review Information ---------------------------- Rating : ****

Program Pros

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Fairly clean interface (exceptions noted below)

Program Cons

  • Some German in interface (mainly in a Yes/No -- or Ja/Nein -- dialog box)
  • User should be able to double-click on MP3 file name to play it
  • "up" should be "Up" -- the first word in all text strings in interface should be captialized